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Executive Officers
BusinessManager/Financial Secretary Myles J. Calvey
President Edward T. Fitzpatrick
Vice President Gerald P. Leahy Jr.
Treasurer John Bromley
Recording Secretary Paul S. Jackson
Executive Board
Chairman Gerald P. Leahy Jr.
Secretary/FA/CSA Janice Lee Hunt
Traffic Michael Sullivan
C.O. Georgine A. Cochran
Plant Clerical Margaret Bears
C.O.E.I. Ralph M. DiPesa
AT&T/Lucent William Dryer
Motor Vehicle Daniel E. DuRoss
I.&R. Stephen T. Maker
Cable/Line John P. Toomey
Accounting Jan M. Vrotsos

Breakdown of I.B.E.W. 2222 as of 8/16/00
Verizon - 3,606
AT&T - 128
JCI - 95
Pays Direct/A.X.P.G./ALTEL/VBAND/Network - 36

-We are a local of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
-We are an affiliate of the A.F.L. /C.I.O.
-We have a membership of over 3,800 men and women.
-We provide for the voice, and data telecommunications needs, of the Metropolitan Boston, Massachusetts area.

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