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Yachtsmen Visiting The Savin Hill Yacht Club

Location: The club occupies Fox Point on Dorchester Bay, which opens to the entrance to Boston's inner harbor. It shares a cove with Univ. of Mass. at Boston, and its mooring area extends from there toward the "Sister Corita" Boston Gas gas tank. This is close to public transportation, the Savin Hill and JFK Red Line T stops. JFK Library, supermarkets, a motel and other stores are nearby. Lat/Long: approximately 42' 18.5" North, 71' 2.4" West.
Launch: Daily, in season. Hail the launch, "Retriever" on channel 68.
Fuel: Gasoline at the dock, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in season.
Ice: Available at the dock.
Moorings: Subject to availability and usually not a problem. Hail the launch (channel 68, "Retriever") to arrange to use a member's vacant mooring.
Clubhouse: A waterfront lounge and deck, with breakfast, lunch, dinner and light meals served during the Summer boating season.
Showers: Available 24 hours, in the clubhouse.
Parking: Off-street parking.